Shipping policy


We Offer Free Shipping on All Orders

For regular stock items We finish processing within 4-6 business days, at which point orders will be dispatched and that’s around when you can expect to receive a tracking number.

Upon receiving your tracking number, you can expect your item to be delivered within a 10-14 day period. Generally speaking 2 weeks time is standard for receiving all regular orders. Many orders might arrive earlier than expected but this is our standard delivery time for all international orders.

Note: Delivery window depends highly in the region you live in and our current inventory levels across stores. 

For most costumers in the USA, you can expect your item 7-10 days after receiving the tracking number.


Please be advised that delays can occur on domestic and international orders when periods such as the pandemic and other causes occur, and we reserve the right to delay delivery times accordingly.

Please be very careful when it comes to entering your address and personal info, especially for orders outside of US. Once your order is marked as processing, we are no longer able to re-route your order. 

If any issues arise after the item has been shipped from our facility, it is no longer in our hands, and the customer must contact their local shipping courier to resolve the problem. Please be advised that any mistakes with the delivery address are not our responsibility so be sure to input the correct address when purchasing your product. 

For all order updates and shipping notifications refer to your confirmation email and feel free to 

contact us @